Hello to all my wonderful friends and fans!

Every year is another year of the Lord's blessing and I am privileged to continue traveling across this country, seeking to be an inspiration to others and a witness of His love and grace. I'm looking forward to all that God's will brings, confident that, just as He has penned all my days from the very beginning, He will orchestrate my life to harmonize with His divine purpose.  Thank you for visiting here today! It means so much to me.


Career Highlights:

  • 1968 - 1995

      Regular cast member on the syndicated
    television show "Hee Haw"
  • 1980

      Performed at the Inauguration Celebration of President Ronald Reagan
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People know LuLu as the most requested female cast member of the long running hit television series, "Hee Haw". Many know her as the accomplished and celebrated songwriter; and as the singer who has been successfully making records for over 25 years.

LuLu's search for happiness and acceptance, which had almost led her to her personal destruction, instead, led her to God.

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